Fix and Flip Loans
DFI Capital Management’s Fix and Flip loan program is designed to help investors acquire and rehabilitate properties intended to be flipped or held long-term as rentals. Rehabilitation can include simple cosmetic updates or dramatic property improvements and square footage additions. 

DFI Capital Management will calculate the maximum loan amount by taking:

  • up to 85% of the property acquisition price 
  • up to 100% of the rehabilitation costs (subject to contractor bid review and approval)

Funds for the rehabilitation will be held back and released via progress payments as the project is completed and inspections are performed.  If the loan requires a deposit from the borrower for a portion of the rehabilitation work, those funds must be deposited to escrow as of the date of loan funding.

When an investor wants to liquidate a portion of their initial cash infusion, to provide them the flexibility to redeploy their cash to enter into new projects, DFI CapitalManagement will consider an additional advance.  DFI Capital Management will calculate the maximum loan amount by taking 65% of the after rehab value while always requiring a minimum of 10% of the total acquisition price plus the cost of rehab to remain invested in the property.
Construction Loans
DFI Capital Management originates ground up construction loans, which can include acquisition of the lot(s) if required. Each submittal is considered on its own merits, however is limited to experienced General Contractors and/or investors with using an experienced General Contractor. DFI Capital Management internally controls all inspections and draws rather than using a third-party fund control (which can be a time and cost saver).