Private Money Loans
DFI Capital Management funds loans to borrowers with unique challenges who are unable or do not have time to seek financing from traditional banking sources.  We utilize our own resources to fund loans so when we commit, you can be confident of the timing and outcome.  

DFI Capital Management does not underwrite loans for a secondary market and borrower EXPERIENCE and EQUITY are the primary underwriting criteria.  We will consider loans on many types of real estate and borrowers.

DFI Capital Management focuses on loans in California.

  • Business and Investment Purposes
  • $75,000 to $500,000 
  • No FICO Requirements
  • LTV's vary by program, loan type and collateral type
  • Cross collateral welcomed!    
  • Multiple or entity borrowers allowed with personal guaranty
  • LOW DOC loan available at lower LTV's

Participation Loans
DFI Capital Management will consider acting as a partner in a transaction with more aggressive loan to value ratios, including up to 100% of purchase and improvement costs.  In most cases, DFI Capital Management will utilize a “preferred return” structure and a back end percentage of profit based upon agreed improvement, management, and carrying costs. ​