Send DFI a loan for approval review in two easy steps!
STEP ONE:   Prior to loan submission, we encourage you to email us to briefly describe your loan scenario.  In the email, please attach the DFI Submission Form providing a brief description of the loan being requested, property location, loan terms being requested and size of rehab budget.

STEP TWO:  After we have responded to your email and you are ready to submit a full loan request to DFI, please include the required documents as described below.  All loans should be submitted electronically by emailing your complete loan packet to  
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Application Documents Required for All Types of Borrowers

  • Credit Report for Each Borrower – dated within 15 days
  • Complete Purchase Agreement (when applicable)

   Income Documentation:
  • Financial Statement 
  • Three Months Bank Statements
  • Two Years Tax Returns
  • Most Recent Year W-2 (wage earner income)
  • Most Recent Pay Check Stub (wage earner income)

  • Interior and Exterior Color Photos of Subject Property
  • Appraisal

ADDITIONAL Documents Required for Corporations and LLCs:

     For Corporations:
  • Financial Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By Laws
  • Borrower Resolution

     For LLC’s:
  • Financial Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Operating Agreement
  • List of Members
  • Borrower Resolution

Broker Approval Required – Click here for Broker Approval.
Contractor Approval Required – Click Here for Contractor Approval.