Send DFI Capital Management a loan for approval:
STEP ONE:   Prior to loan submission, we encourage you to email us to briefly describe your loan scenario.  In the email, please attach the DFI Submission Form providing a brief description of the loan being requested, property location, loan terms being requested and size of rehab budget.

STEP TWO:  After we have responded to your email and you are ready to submit a full loan request to DFI Capital Management, please include the required documents as described below.  All loans should be submitted electronically by emailing your complete loan packet to  
Application Documents Required for All Types of Borrowers

  • Credit Report for Each Borrower – dated within 15 days
  • Complete Purchase Agreement (when applicable)

   Income Documentation:
  • Financial Statement 
  • Three Months Bank Statements
  • Two Years Tax Returns
  • Most Recent Year W-2 (wage earner income)
  • Most Recent Pay Check Stub (wage earner income)

  • Interior and Exterior Color Photos of Subject Property
  • Appraisal

ADDITIONAL Documents Required for Corporations and LLCs:

     For Corporations:
  • Financial Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By Laws
  • Borrower Resolution

     For LLC’s:
  • Financial Statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Operating Agreement
  • List of Members
  • Borrower Resolution

Broker Approval Required – Click here for Broker Approval.
Contractor Approval Required – Click Here for Contractor Approval.